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Art from Adrenus Craton's exhibitions and collections around the world. Abstract, Impressionist, and Realism


From the beginning, it has always been a dream to share ideas on how the mind interprets art - even as a little girl passing artwork under my parents' door. This journey has been exciting. Here I share with you my art exhibitions and pieces from private collections around the world.

Graphic Design services from Adrenus Craton's Design Studio, Small business, business cards, logos, corporate, invitations, wedding and more


Graphic design has always been part of my work life - designing for Financial Institutions, Construction Firms, Real Estate Companies, Universities, Publishing Houses and Charity Organizations in the US and currently around Europe.  

Photography from Adrenus Craton's Design Studio, fashion, models, creative, artistic, editorial.. featuring Victor Savkin, Charlie Melchiori and Katrina Nare


Photography, rooted in an artistic background, has encouraged the urge to look beyond the ordinary and search for the extraordinary - whether it is in life, travel or fashion. This is a working portfolio that includes fashion collaborations, interviews, cultural adventures and travel documentaries.

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