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Adrenus Craton is Founder of H.O.U.S.E.™ Studio, which represents the Head Office & United Studios Elite, a creative photo studio, fine art studio and socially conscious boutique model agency, Novelmodels Elite

Adrenus’ multi-genre body of photography work covers fashion, portrait, cultural and travel. Her work includes editorials, creative collaborations, interviews, documentaries and personal adventures. In the last several years, she has photographed runway, backstage and street style from London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Her photographs have been published in magazines such as American Vogue, Forbes Russia,Vogue ItaliaFault Magazine, AMICA, The Daily, and ZINK Magazine. Much of her film and photography work has also published with FashionTV, FashionOne, Photo Vogue - in addition to The Fashionista and The Stylecon

Born and raised in Texas, Adrenus began as a visual artist from a very young age. It all started with passing artwork under her parents' door as a child. Fast forward, at age nineteen she moved to New York City. Several years later she would hold her first major art exhibition at Agora Art Gallery in the art-centric neighbourhood of Chelsea (2002). Since then, she has had several international art exhibitions and currently has private collections around the world. Her paintings have been featured online with Backstage Tales, Be Your Own, Love & Water Designs, BNT1 and Landfill Art. 

Her paintings have raised over 10,000 USD for charities around Eastern Europe. One charity that is very close to her heart is The Art of Elysium, based in the USA, where their mission is to heal the world through art. #ARTheals

Adrenus’ progression into photography began soon after moving to Poland (2004). From there she would spend nearly a decade living and traveling throughout Eastern Europe and Africa, becoming involved with charitable and philanthropic projects before picking up and moving to London in 2011. 

London H.O.U.S.E. Studio's photography and art space had been based at the centre of London's most vibrant and dynamic art scenes in Shoreditch and is currently being relocated to New York City. New York H.O.U.S.E. Studio continues to serve as a platform for those of like minds and for Adrenus’ work as photographer, producer, creative director and visual artist.


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