ELEANOR CARDOZO | Dedication to Olympic Champion 2012

Words & photographs by Adrenus Craton

It was truly fascinating to discover this stunning piece of artwork entitled, "Ribbon"  -  I was on my way home from London Heathrow Airport and to my pleasant surprise the artist, Eleanor Cardozo, happened to be in London preparing for an appearance on the BBC. It was for the dedication of that very sculpture I had passed by.

On January 19, 2012, Eleanor Cardozo dedicated her sculpture "Ribbon" to five-times Olympic Champion, Frankie Jones. The 21 year old Welsh gymnast was honoured in celebration of her achievements in rhythmic gymnastics. 

Greeted with smiles and hugs, Eleanor showed me her other sculptures on display at the Expo Fine Art Gallery (a few steps away from where her magnificent sculpture stood). If only I had been prepared with a long list of well-thought questions to ask, however, her presence and artistic liveliness were something even more compelling to just sit back and observe.

Just before the dedication, Frankie Jones performed of the most graceful and impressive dance routines alongside the rhythmic gymnastic statue, shining and full of light. The only thing I can remember is the sound of her ribbon billowing to and fro as she swooped it from side to side and all around in the air. And in the middle of the day at one of the worlds busiest airports, the rest was in complete silence.

It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to speak with both artists as they graciously signed their wishes and autographs on prints from Eleanor's collection of dancer drawings. 

It was also with best wishes for Frankie as she represented Great Britain during the 2012 Olympic Games and a big thank you to Ann Aldridge (Art Curator to Expo Fine Art Gallery). 

I am still filled with gratitude for Eleanor having extending her invitation for me to be part of this most inspiring event!

Pictured above: Eleanor Cardozo and Frankie Jones signing autogaphs

Pictured above: Eleanor Cardozo with five-times Olympic Champion, Frankie Jones and Great Britain's Olympic team at London Heathrow T5

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