The themes I would like to explore during my travels are love, connection, beauty, pleasure, family, tradition and success. Above all these things, I would most like to explore the common thread between cultures that makes us all human.

While living and traveling throughout the USA, Eastern Europe, Africa, the UK and now back in New York, I discovered something so incredibly fascinating. There is a constant gathering of material, development and awareness while sampling the quality of life, culture, and its continuity in country after country, city after city, and villiage after villiage.

I have only been able, thus far, to brush by and become entangled in a few of the many, many stories being captured while living and re-living in a world so different from my own. It has been an ongoing, lifelong project, one which will includes some interesting lessons I've learned along the way.

In the past decade, I’ve traveled in and around many countries, mostly in Europe — Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Germany, Prague, Holland, Istanbul, Madrid, Greece, Rome, Barcelona, England and Ireland

In the US, I’ve traveled throughout Texas, New York, Florida, Kansas, New Orleans, Memphis, Missouri, Boston, Washington D.C., the Carolinas, Rhode Island, Colorado, Los Angeles — mostly the entirety of the East Coast.

I have also traveled to Mexico and to several cities around Canada.

At a time when everyone seems to be so uncertain of the future, especially when it comes to race, religion and our identity, I would love for the opportunity to explore all the ways we, in this world, are so similar across cultures. It would be interesting to redefine this generation’s view on society... by not only showing the connectedness of the youth around the world, but also revealing the connectedness of our elderly ones.

Whilst I was living and traveling around all these foreign places, I found this connectedness through ten cuisine, the sports, the arts, the traditions, the local pubs and taverns and bistros and cafes. This connectedness is what kept me going, traveling, seeking more and more. For mostly everyone, (myself included) this kind of deep meaningful exploration leads to an endless supply of joy and intrigue.

For me, this intrigue began in the spring of 2004 in Kazimierz, Poland - exploring the streets leading towards the market square just as three gentlemen started on their instruments. 

A family walks by, and their little girl runs into the middle of the rynek (market square), dressed in red from head to toe. She is dancing like she is the only one in town...

It was beautiful. For those few moments she held my complete and absolute attention (which is very rare). This became the reason why I began my quest - to capture this kind of life in every single photograph, to tell this story of life, culture and its continuity...

It would be an even greater honour and privilege to tell these stories for the New York Times, to travel and share beautiful, priceless, experiences.
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