Esin Kosoglu | ART in NYC

June 2013

Always I meet the most amazing people while I'm on my way to 'somewhere' ... This time, I'm in New York City strolling down Spring street on a mission to arrive on time at my next appointment in SoHo.

I pass by a kiosk filled with colorful prints of New York landmarks and the occasional Marilyn Monroe peek-a-boo's. I started examining them all: "Change Your Life" one read... "Life is Beautiful" read another. I smiled at the one that said, "Sorry, We're F***ed"

A lady came from behind one of the panels, and I was happy to meet her and ask about these really cool art pieces. I was surprised when she tells that she is the artist. (I love randomly meeting other artists) So, I picked my two favorite pieces (that would fit comfortably in my carry on luggage). Otherwise, I would have chosen the biggest prints there were of these two.

First, the Empire state building standing tall next to the Brooklyn Bridge, with a one way sign that quietly meant something special to me. The second piece: Marilyn Monroe (again with my one way sign) and a yellow cab looking like a Vespa. 

I asked if I could snap a quick photo with my iPhone, so I could share her work when I got back to London - waved goodbye and left smiling for the rest of the day. Then it rained.


Find more of Esin's work on her Facebook page and her website

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