Words & Photographs by Adrenus Craton

It has been one amazing journey! Not just to a land of my beginnings, but to a nation who has risen (and is still rising) from a momentous history.  Onwards and upwards, as they say, towards something that draws us all together, and all in the name of fashion. On October 15th, 2013, the capital city of Accra hosted Ghana's second year of Fashion Week, with Vogue Italia as the event's official media sponsor. Designers, models and guests came from all over the world (Germany, London, Nigeria, Los Angeles, South Africa, Japan, Milan, Dubai, Paris and the list really does go on). It was truly a "wow" moment for all of us in attendance.

I was invited to photograph at Ghana's Fashion and Design Week by a special friend and one of the UK's top award winning & celebrity hairstylists, Charlotte Mensah (Afro Hairdresser of the Year by HJ's British Hairdressing Awards). An invitation to travel with Charlotte back to her home country of Ghana was exciting to say the least. It presented a rare opportunity to connect with the country's history, culture and now, their rising fashion scene. 

It was not easy to hold back the overwhelming waves of emotions while visiting. I remember thinking I could protect my fragile and somewhat naive heart by staying safely tucked behind my lens (and even returned to London with memory cards full of images), but eventually I had to give in. I allowed in the energy of Cape Coast, of Accra, of the people, of the sounds and smells and heat of the sun. All of these combined made that particular fashion week leap into my soul like no other fashion week ever had.  

Hopefully, the images you are about to see do it justice and reveal the immense potential of a most fashionable West Africa.

Already missing my beautiful, stylish and soul-smiling Ghanaian Family. 

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