Paris For Breakfast

Art Direction & Photography | Adrenus Craton

This summer it was quiet and serene. They sat alongside Parisian delights, sharing divine secrets from Ladurée’s most famous creations spread from one table to the next, and to the next. This is the coveted morning carte du jour.  As they each basked in the beauty of each others’ company, one by one they began to shine with the luxurious light of elegance, style and grace. 

It was their place for fashion... and it was sweet.


Behind the Scenes Video:


Victor Savkin 

Charlie Melchiori 

Katrina Nare

Hair: Michael Marenco sponsored by LABEL M 

Makeup: Cathy Widawska

Styling: Anne Manaud 

Set design: Adrenus Craton, Ela Zubrowska

Shot on location in Paris, France at the landmark theater, Le Trianon. Featuring gourmandises, macarons, and champagne by Ladurée.

Special thanks to Ramon J.Goni, Benoît Tételin, Olivier Herold and Ladurée!

Featured in AMICA Magazine 2012

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