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PRIDE II, 2016

$15000.00 USD

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Original Artwork, Certificate of Authenticity


PRIDE II—Rebirth Series, 2016

Size : 130 x 150 cm (5 x 4 ft)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Completion time: 1 year 6 months

Created in London, UK and Brooklyn, NY

15,000 USD


Some have asked, “When did it become something we should live or die for?” Others have said, "Without it, we are nothing."

There are no lines drawn between these colours – only our desire to search, instead of simply seeing, this multi-coloured canvas. Would it not be lovely to just exist, with no lines, borders or rifts? Multi-cultural and freely talented, we were all meant as individual gifts. So, let us not be criticised and penalised for any combination of colours that we choose to, or choose not to, identify with.

Pride appears when its virtue’s Form, equality, is absent.

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