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RAGE VI, 2021

$27000.00 USD

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Original Artwork, Certificate of Authenticity


CALMING THE RAGE—The Tree of Life Series, 2021

Entire Piece: Calming the Rage, 2021

Size : 4ft x 5ft

Medium: Acrylic and Gesso on 30 individual gallery canvases

Completion time: 2 months

Created in Hallettsville, Texas

27,000 USD

Individual Pieces (Seeds):  Seeds of RAGE, Healed, 2021

Size : 10in x 10in

Medium: Acrylic and Gesso on 30 individual gallery canvases

1,200 USD (each)


The whole piece, shown in the second photo, is entitled, "Calming the Rage, 2021” and is made up of 30 individual pieces, each entitled, "Seeds of Rage, Healed" along with its corresponding numbered position on the board, as well as its healing number sequence.

They all contain hidden-in-plain-sight repeating number sequences meant to open doors to a deeper understanding of how the Universe heals. It's the first of its kind from my Battle of the Soul collection, where each of the 7 Sins and 7 Virtues get dismantled into Seeds which are reworked as a whole picture that gets pulled into its opposite, to create balance. (i.e., Rage gets pulled into Patience, Envy into Admiration, Greed into Generosity, and so on), pushing my boundaries of what I'm capable of when working on a record number of pieces at a time.

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