Seven Years Later | New Orleans 2013

Words & photographs by Adrenus Craton

The new year had begun. Back home in Texas, back to visit family and close friends - it was a great nostalgic beginning.   

Thinking about it, I hugged and snuggled myself into one of my mother's soft red blankets. But... but what if there was nothing to go home to? What if everything loved, cared about and held so dear simply disappeared one day ...never to be seen or felt again or even washed out to sea to be someday someone else's treasures? 

After hearing about hurricane Sandy in New York City, being so close to home, my thoughts went to New Orleans. It made me wondered how have the families and communities gathered themselves up after such an unimaginable tragedy.   

With that, a road trip was organized from Texas to Louisiana - after 8 1/2 hours and a very “swampy are we there yet drive” later... (thank you Mother & Daddy for your navigational expertise and putting up with my hour by hour backseat driving skills) destination New Orleans was had been reached.   

Of all the decades of being American... you would think it would not have been my first visit to this Cajun Pearl. Within an hour of arriving, the camera swung around my neck and my feet had hit the pavement.  In search of good spirits ;) ...and a positive view of the New Orleans Katrina had left behind, my eyes widened with wonder to discover. 

One story ends and another begins... because nightfall came with the discovery of Bourbon by Night.

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