SHIATZY CHEN 夏姿.陳 | Paris Fashion Week 2013

Written and photographed by Adrenus Craton

Loving these runway colour bursts. 

"SHIATZY CHEN is a Taiwanese fashion house, whose founder and brand innovator, Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, is often referred to as the Chanel of Taiwan, and is the eponym of her luxury goods brand."

"Steeped in wealth of culture, SHIATZY CHEN embraces the inner soul of the East, injects the outstanding craftsmanship of the West. Launched in 1978, SHIATZY CHEN created the “New Look of China” through its fashion house in Taipei. 

In the pursuit of perfect silhouette from the East, SHIATZY CHEN creations evolve from colors to lines, from elegance to grandeur. The perfection is not only expressed from the artistry of fashion, but also a poetic essence nurtured from the passing of time."

...and this is why it is a favourite from Paris Fashion Week. More photos on Facebook. ♥

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