Ghana Fashion & Design Week Campaign 2015

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Prelude to 2015 event, GFDW takes fashion to a Wonderland - the theme behind its fashion campaign, inspired by the “Discovery of Knowledge” and its influence on social evolution. Featuring two models, and a Hollywood Sci-fi movie actress.

The journey to Wonderland uncovers the power of creativity through collaboration, the energy and driving force behind fashion.

Creative director and photographer behind the shoot, Adrenus Craton collaborated with GFDW to tell the colourful Wonderland story through her photographic images and passionate ideas. 

Co-art director and head stylist, Daryl Rita Osekreh creates strong captivating looks from a vibrant palette, paired with voluminous hair creations by celebrity hair stylist Charlotte Mensah, which takes us back to the “Me Decade” of the 70’s.

In contrast, creative make-up Artist Elaine Lynskey brings models to life in muted shades, adding a natural but intense look to the Wonderland story. Wonderland landscape is set surrounded by a collection of books from renowned British poet, and eccentric intellectual writer, Jeremy Reed.

At the center of the Wonderland story is - Alien Uprising Hollywood movie actress Emilyne Mondo, whose love for acting and modeling goes beyond the cameras. Mindful of knowledge as a tool and inspiration to fashion a change in her country of descent – Uganda, Emilyne sets on a journey to build a library for the future generation to discover knowledge, where Jeremy Reed’s books will also find a new home.

Shot alongside movie actress Emilyne Mondo, are models Sophia Elhaj and Ebba Merrignton of Novelmodels Elite. Like a book unfolds what lies deep in it through discovery, WONDERLAND unfolds its story revealing the beauty and energy of nature against the deeply rich, and vibrant coloured garment designs of Roberto Cavalli, and Just Cavalli’s bold and beautiful collections.

Casely Hayford’s sharply cut sartorial menswear pieces defines Ebba’s classic look, complimenting Cavalli’s vibrant colours and Sophia Kha’s timeless modern designs, placed in a landscape set in the deep woods, where Emilyne, Sophia and Ebba discovers the wonders of knowledge in which creativity abounds.

Cutting edge shoe designer Joanne Stoker’s wedged-heels, and designer Paul Andrew’s beautifully crafted delicate high-heels accents the looks on Emyline and Sophia with colours that pop with excitement.

Curiously London menswear shoes completes male model Ebba’s sartorial look in a classic shade of black and tan, sutured with interesting details. Models look are completed with chunky accessories from avant-garde Jewellery designer Felicia Swartling.

Hollywood actress Emilyne Mondo, the inspirational muse behind Wonderland story, is captured standing lost in thoughts, in a vibrant red and pink Just Cavalli mini print dress. 

A demure, yet powerful visual that echoes a sense of mind enquiring into what lies deep in our thoughts - is the - Discovery of Knowledge.


Creative & Art Director: Adrenus Craton

Photographer: Adrenus Craton

Co-Art Director: Daryl Rita Osekreh

Head Stylist: Daryl Rita Osekreh

Celebrity Hair Stylist: Charlotte Mensah of Charlotte Mensah

Creative Makeup Artists: Elaine Lynske

Assistant Stylist: Tamar Kioumedjian

Actress/ Model: Emilyne Mondo

Models: Ebba Merrington, Sofia Elhaj @ Novelmodels Elite

Designers Wardrobe: Casely Hayford, Roberto Cavali, Just Cavali,

and Sophia Kah @ Purple PR Fashion.

Shoes: Joanna Stoker, Paul Andrew and Curiously London

Jewelry: Felicia Swartling.

Backstage & Location Assistants: Matt Vlahos, Naeela Sulman, Lizzy Nicholson & Keo Moagi

Books: Thanks to renowned British Poet Jeremy Reed

Prep Location: Renata Jon Salon & Beauty Spa London

Text by Daryl Rita Osekreh

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